As a private investigator, I’ve spent the greater part of the past 25 years working on skip tracing assignments. My customers run the gamut, from corporate entities to individuals keen on pursuing their family background and from attorneys and police departments to people interested in prospective partners’ potential criminal background.

I’ve had a longstanding association with police departments in Texas and Florida. Contrary to perception, my job in the private investigation hasn’t just involved monitoring the criminal histories of topics but also their non-criminal histories. Like the rest of the professionals in my work line, the missions’ nature is unique to the customers. For instance:

I monitor the employment and criminal histories of prospective workers for corporates.
I find interest in the business dealings and credit worthiness of potential partners and partners for companies.

In addition to these missions, I also do a substantial quantity of pro-bono work for the Unclaimed Individual’s Network. This nonprofit helps trace the next of kin of decedents and allows them to know of the friend/family member’s passing.

This is a cause that’s exceptionally close to my heart since every year, tens of thousands of individuals are denied closure and the ability to say their last goodbyes to their loved ones just because the friends and families of the deceased can’t be traced.

Likewise, many people wish to contact long lost friends and loved ones but do not know their whereabouts. I help them to re-establish these links. As you can see, I provide 360-degree investigative services for both private and professional purposes.

Contact me

To Find child and spousal support defaulters.
Get in contact with property owners.
Track automobile ownership.
Locate close relatives and lawful heirs for probate purposes.
So, whatever your reasons to research a subject, I will get you the info you want, which will really make a difference.

I collect data from almost every national, state, and non-state maintained database, and that has the TLO. This gives me the ability to get you the most up-to-date and accurate info. I emphasize the degree of y work not just because I am hyper-conscious regarding my job’s trustworthiness but also because I love what I do.

I truly think that my work can help make life, which is otherwise filled with complications and hardships, somewhat easier. And this is the understanding that fuels my enthusiasm for my job daily and in every circumstance. So, call me now for any skip tracing mission you have.

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